Great service, every time

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Making finances and the investment process easier to understand
Aled is first class. I don’t hesitate to recommend him to my clients. I deal with high-end catastrophic injury clients and his people skills are second to none. He takes all of the cloak and daggers stuff out of financial advic
e, and I love his ‘no nonsense’, clear approach. Aled is my personal financial adviser, but I recommend him to many of my clients, especially those needing long-term investment for life.

Aled makes finances easier to understand and gives you the confidence to make your investments whilst understanding the process. He was recommended to me by a Deputy who works with vulnerable people, because she could see how much he cared about doing the right thing when so many just don’t.

- Rose Gibson 

Honesty, transparency, integrity

Eilir is the CEO of a multinational company and also owns other private companies. He has a number of complex planning needs such as lifetime allowance / transitional protection, inheritance tax and legacy planning, as well as company profit extraction and tax efficiency.

In Eilir’s words:

"Over the 30 years of my career, I have been supported by a number of personal financial advisers. Aled is the best of them all. His knowledge is considerable, his approach is considerate, imaginative and thorough - and his honesty, transparency and integrity in all of his business dealings is remarkable. If you are looking for someone to help you with your hard-earned income and investments, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Aled."

- Dr Eilir Jones 
Friendly, clear approach to explaining 
all the options

I had a complex set of retirement circumstances which really needed specialist advice. James has a friendly, clear approach to explaining all the options. James uses the tools at his disposal really well and is completely happy to show other alternatives to make choices clearer.  

- Peter
Recommending the best options
for my future pensions

  I started a new business and needed to consolidate my pensions, take out a new pension plan and set up in an income protection policy. Niche were able to find pensions from previous employers I didn’t know I had, along with recommending the best options for my future pensions. I was delighted to have been able to consolidate my pensions, now I don’t have to worry about money being split between multiple providers.

- Patrick

Highly professional one-stop shop for all your financial planning

I was introduced to Niche by a friend who was working with the financial services and personal insurance industry as I had several pension policies which I had taken out over the years and was advised that there were no better organisation to review and consolidate them for me.

From the moment I met with Niche it was very apparent that not only were they very professional and knew what they were talking about but were also very customer value focused, believing in long term relationships rather than quick gain. Over the past 12 months I have got to know the team better and seen their outstanding business ethics first hand. It is refreshing to see in today's times a company that place the customer and their needs first. It really is a one stop shop for all your financial planning from pensions and insurance to investments and planning for the future.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Niche to any individual or organisation looking for professional and sound financial advice.

- Andrew Beddoe 

Highly recommended

Niche Chartered Financial look after our investments well, and give sound advice with real focus on our personal financial needs. They are reliable and helpful. We would recommend them to anyone who needs advice with financial matters.

- John & Kristina Taylor

Reliable advice

Open and honest and giving good advice. I would recommend Niche to anyone. 

- Phil Bromley

Do what they say they will do!

Excellent outcome and always available to help. I would recommend their services to anyone. 

- Phil Brailey

Lots of options and a logical approach

I wanted to change in business circumstances. Niche provided high quality information, lots of options and a logical approach.

- Alistair

Professional at all times

I found Niche to be professional at all times. The transfer of my pension was completed swiftly and painlessly. I was fully communicated to at all times. I would definitely recommend their financial Services.
I have already recommended them to my work colleagues.

- Susan Smith

My finances are well-protected

Following receiving an unexpected inheritance, I approached Ed for advice on estate management including investments, buying a house and mortgages. From the beginning, Ed was welcoming, calm, well prepared and insightful with his advice and clear in his recommendations. He fully researched every query I presented him including presenting alternative options that were unknown and, in some cases, entirely preferable to what I thought I needed. He has helped me to continue to keep my cost of living as low as possible whilst maximising my savings and investments. As a relatively young customer, I feel entirely confident that my finances are well protected and looked after for the remainder of my working life and beyond.

- Matthew

Happy to recommend to others who need complex, high-value advice

Paul and Tracey are retired having worked in banking and the public sector during their careers. Paul was a European Sales Manager with Barclays, and then moved on to senior positions in the public sector, while Tracey worked in branch banking. They have a number of complex planning needs such as legacy planning, lifetime allowance / pension planning and investment planning.

In their words:

"Due to the number of pension funds available to myself and my wife, the issue of tax planning, pension options, inheritance tax and legacy planning were very complex. Aled's knowledge and ability to explain the position clearly was extremely helpful and beneficial. 

At all times I felt that Aled had our best interests at the centre of his discussions, which ultimately led me to be able to retire after working for almost 40 years at the age of 57. He is prepared to paint the full picture, to ensue all risks and upsides are understood, so that investment decisions are made based on facts and a wealth of experience. 

He has great contacts to refer any associated needs such as wills, powers of attorney and discretionary trusts. I trust Aled and would be happy to recommend him to others needing complex, high-value advice."

- Dr Paul & Mrs Tracey Davies


A great company with good service and very friendly staff

Matt and the team were so helpful from the first meeting. Dee was especially brilliant at chasing my pension provider and keeping on top of any paperwork etc. I highly recommend Niche for their professionalism and their willingness to help. A great company with good service and very friendly staff.

- Julie Varney 

Offering great advice with no
pressure to proceed

From the outset Niche provided a very comprehensive plan, projection and presentation for combining my 5 pension schemes, offering great advice with no pressure to proceed. Throughout the process of the transfer communication was very good including regular calls and weekly progress reports via email. I would recommend Niche Private Clients as a very professional company for anyone else considering the consolidation of multiple pensions.  

- Karl Goode 

Good price, great service,
high ability

I took quite some time to find Niche - a lot of financial advisers can't handle the more complex pension transfers - they aren't allowed to. I hadn't much idea about how persistent you need to be with some pension administrators to achieve my goals and Niche provided me with updates and chased the scheme administrators throughout the process.

And then when it came to settling my account with Niche, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I understand that charges will always vary according to how much work has to be undertaken, but a final bill of less than a quarter of the most expensive quote should serve to tell you that there is still some sharp practice out there. Good price, great service, high ability.

I wasted maybe 4 or 5 weeks finding these guys - I shan't use anyone else from now on.

- Steve Freathy

Niche put my mind at rest

I was concerned that I was making the wrong decisions regarding the money I had conscientiously saved though my life. Niche put my mind at rest regarding this and I now have the income I need. Although we had to arrange changes over the phone the process was made very easy to understand and was always followed up so that I could read through before committing.

- Janey

Knowledgeable and very friendly service

I felt all my questions and reserve's were answered fully. Niche advised and acted with changes within the pension's sector and always have my best interest's at heart.

- Adrian Brice

Well informed, flexible and friendly service

I liked the friendly and informal attitude with a professional approach to providing financial advice.

- Lalit Kumm

Good practical advice with an efficient service

I have been a customer of Niche for a few years now and have found them extremely good and knowledgeable on a wide range of financial matters. I use them for all my financial affairs, whether for transactions or just advice. I would strongly recommend them for all financial planning.

- Stephen Newman

An excellent professional re-assuring company

On meeting with this company we immediately felt complete confidence in their professional understanding of our finances. With their expertise, tact and patience and explanation of the financial market, as well as a clear view as to where we were at, we felt completely at ease and no pressure to act upon any of their financial moves or suggestions.

We would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone.

- David & Marilyn Davies

Feeling incredibly optimistic about my future and my pension

I needed some clear and honest advice in regards to my pension and how to make it work for me. I had multiple pots and wasn’t sure what to do with them, but knew that I wanted to maximise what I had. Niche helped me understand all the options that were available to me, and helped guide me through in a professional manner where I not only felt in control, but where I felt like I was making the wisest decisions for my future. I felt confident in their advice and have come out the other side feeling incredibly optimistic about my future and my pension.

- Max

Extremely knowledgeable and well-qualified
I wanted an independent financial adviser to not only advise on pension planning, but also more generally across all areas of wealth management. 

There are a number of reasons I chose Aled: He is independent and can therefore advise across a large range of products without bias; he has significant experience in working with high-net-worth individuals and is extremely knowledgeable and well-qualified. He also focuses on the financial planning aspects and outsources investment management to experts in this field and has a reasonable charging structure, which is based on an annual fee, not a percentage basis. 

I am in my second year of working with Aled and am already starting to see the strategy delivered. He has always been extremely responsive to any queries I have had and I always feel satisfied and informed with his replies.  

- David Pope

Great advice, good service, customer centric, compliant, and easy to deal with

Mark was in charge of retail banking for Wales and the southwest for NatWest, and retired from this role to form his own company. His financial planning needs were complex, setting up a commercial property SIPP and included lifetime allowance tax planning, legacy planning and business profit extraction.

In Mark's words:

"I spent a long time looking for a Chartered Financial Planner that could advise me on my very specific retirement and investment needs. Having spent 30+ years in banking as Director for Wales, I am well aware of the pitfalls of poor advice. If you think paying for a professional is expensive…try using an amateur! Great advice, good service, customer centric, compliant, and easy to deal with."

- Mark Douglas 
Made sure everything went
Matt & the team were very helpful, knowledgeable & explained everything to me in plain English, they gave me regular updates throughout the whole process & made sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommended.

- David Ball

An excellent company to be 
involved with

We found Niche an excellent company to be involved with. They continually make contact to see if you are happy with the way your money is performing for you. In house visits are extremely beneficial and everything was explained to us in terms that we could understand. We are very happy with the service received and would definitely recommend their services.

- Jacky & Paul Guy

I am very happy so far with the ongoing service I have received.

I came to Niche wanting to simplify and lower the cost of my investments. Consolidated my funds has helped me understand what I was investing in, and how to reach my objectives. I am very happy so far with the ongoing service I’ve received.

- Owain Flower

Options were explained clearly, and he answered any questions I asked

Niche provided me with detailed options for my pension consolidation. They then arranged and facilitated my chosen option. These options were explained clearly to me and he answered any question I asked. They had very good knowledge of the products available and was able to advise me confidently.

- Mark Gerrard

Fully understanding our complex situation and made relevant recommendations

We were very satisfied with the service we received regarding our savings and investments. Niche took their time to fully understand our complex situation and made relevant recommendations that will help us achieve our current and future financial goals. Even during the current, turbulent financial situation we have been satisfied with the outcomes.

- Peter

Very impressed

I have only been with Niche a short period but have been very impressed. The information presented to me particularly cash flow analysis and investment choices has been hugely helpful and beneficial in planning for my retirement.

- Glenn Owen

I would happily recommend Niche

I am very pleased with the service by Niche. They have put me at ease with managing my pension and explained all the options I have. I can now see how and when to use the money I have saved in pension, using some now as well as planning for the future. I would happily recommend Niche to any of my family and friends. 

- Tony Pierce

I was made to feel part of the whole transfer process

From the onset I was dealt with in a professional manner. I was treated with respect and my reasons and views were listened to fully. I was made to feel part of the whole transfer process and was kept informed every step of the way. The portfolio that was put together for me was excellent as it demonstrated many options and scenarios. 

- Angela Morgan 

Prompt, professional, courteous

I highly recommend Niche to anyone. I have used their services for a few years and have always got an excellent, professional service.

Having used Niche CFP for a number of years, I can thoroughly recommend their services to anyone.

Their service is prompt, professional, courteous and they have a responsible attitude to their clients and I will happily continue to use their services for my financial needs.

- Rhydian Jenkins


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