Services to business owners

We help business owners and directors by targeting key areas that add continued value to your company. Our collaborative approach means we will work with your accountant and legal advisers, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to your company’s needs.


In order to safeguard what you have established, we can develop you a personalised plan, helping you keep trading when the unexpected happens. Where possible, we will ensure that you have maximum financial service compensation scheme cover, for both your cash holdings and your investments.

Key Man Insurance

Key Man Insurance covers the loss of an employee who is crucial to the success of the business and ensures a lump sum pay-out to the company. In the instance of an unexpected death of a key person, without Key Man Insurance your business operations could face major disruptions. This policy can address your short-term finance needs in case of tragedy.

Shareholder Life Cover

Shareholder Life Cover inhibits serious problems from affecting the business in the case of a fatality of a shareholder, allowing a fluid operation of selling their shares. Without shareholder protection, shares could be sold externally to a third party, resulting in a loss of control of the business.

Group PMI

Private Medical Insurance reduces disruption to your business, allowing employees to quickly see a specialist, ensuring they can return to work as soon as possible.

Relevant Life Policies

Relevant life policies provide a lump sum benefit, payable either upon death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness of the employee during their employment, before age 75.

Group IP

Group Income Protection offers financial support and rehabilitation services to your employees if illness or injury causes their absence from work. It can also reduce the impact from long term absence costs.



To enhance the profitability of your business, we research and administer relevant cash accounts, and create corporate investments for funds that are not imminently required. Our planners can investigate the most cost-efficient options, utilising our state-of-the-art technology.

We can also assist with Corporate pensions, including: SASS and SIPP work, creating group pension schemes, or reviewing the cost and efficiency of your existing strategy. Often, it’s the small changes - such as a move to salary sacrifice as opposed to a net pay arrangement – that make significant savings to your business.


Almost all businesses are created to make a profit, so we want to make sure that you don’t pay tax when you extract it. Our advisers will help directors with profit extraction strategies, including pension planning and tax efficient investments.

Notably, HMRC have many allowable tax reliefs including the use of tax efficient investments, such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs), and investments that qualify for business property relief and are therefore outside of your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.

We will work alongside your existing accountants and tax advisers to get to the optimum level of profit extraction throughout your life, ensuring that you don’t pay too much tax, whilst ensuring that reserves are left within your business. 


Our experience enables us to put you in contact with specialist tax advisers to plan for your eventual exit. We want to ensure you make the most of reliefs available, ensuring it is as tax efficient as possible.

Often, your business is your largest asset, and when it's released for cash the next stage of planning must commence. With over 35 years of combined retirement planning experience, we can then help you plan for you retirement, ensuring that we maximise wealth for you and your future generations.

Using cashflow modelling software allows us to determine your retirement income requirements, supporting you in making long term decisions. We will also establish how much of the sale proceeds are surplus to your requirements. This allows us to designate it to legacy planning, while giving you the option to retain full control and access if necessary.

We will assist you with planning areas, such as: retention of BPR (Business Property Relief), creation and ongoing management of family trusts, and setting up investment portfolios to deliver your required level of income to cover lifestyle expenditure.

For more information about Niche Private Clients' services to business owners, please contact us for a full review of your existing provisions, provided at our cost.

Risk Warnings

The value of an investment and the income from it could decrease as well as increase. The return at the end of the investment period is not guaranteed, and you may get back less than you originally invested.  The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of auto-enrolment, cashflow planning, legacy planning, or tax planning.

Please note that VCTs are high risk investments and there may be no market for the shares should you wish to dispose of them. Your capital may be at risk.

EISs are very high risk investments. An EIS investment is usually concentrated in one single unquoted trading company. Often there is no market for the shares and it may be difficult to make a disposal. There is a possibility of the chosen company failing.


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